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41. Colorin Colorado
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Teacher Development Resources)
Ever wondered what a semantic organizer was? Or what acronyms like LEP and OHI stood for? Or perhaps you just want to learn a new word everyday! Find out the definitions of many educational terms in our ...
42. A Guide to the Writing of Scholarly English
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Learner Resources)
... educational contexts but it may not be otherwise reproduced in whole or in part and may not be reproduced for sale or in any commercial publication without written consent of The Literary Dictionary Company ...
43. 100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the Future
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Teacher Resources)
From resources for teacher to veteran teachers’ perspectives to the special education classroom to education news, politics, and policy, and much more, these blogs offer information on a wide variety of ...
44. Channarong Rachbuanoy
... behind the project, involving the school director and the local education area.     path=images/stories/video/chris-web.wmv|width=400|height=400     The video shows Channarong in full ...
45. Pranee Boonsaeng
Ms. Pranee Boonsaeng – Prathom 1 Teacher       Pranee Boonsaeng explained that normally her students would cover their ABCs and some songs in their first year of primary education. Since taking ...
46. Bantatprachanukoon School
... it was important to have a school that would be classed as a typical example of a rural educational establishment. This is not an easy task, as the idea of conducting research and applying new innovations ...
47. Semester 1/52 - 1552500 Environmental Science 4/5 & 4/6
(Rajabhat University/Archived Classes)
... Week  Contents Remarks   1  Introductions and Placement Test    2  Personal Qualities    3  Personal Qualities    4  Capabilities    5  Capabilities    6  Achievements    7  Achievements    8  Education ...
48. Semester 1/52 - 1552500 Mechanical Technology 3/27
(Rajabhat University/Archived Classes)
...  Achievements    7  Achievements    8  Education    9  Education    10  Covering Letters  Mid Term Test  11  Interviews    12  Interviews    13  Interviews and Problem Solving    14  Interviews and Problem ...
49. Semester 2/52 - 1552500 Mechanical Technology 3/32
(Rajabhat University/Archived Classes)
...    6  Achievements    7  Achievements    8  Education    9  Education    10  Covering Letters  Mid Term Test  11  Interviews    12  Interviews    13  Interviews and Problem Solving    14  Interviews and ...
50. Semester 2/52 - 1552500 Electrical Technology 3/28
(Rajabhat University/Archived Classes)
...    2 Personal Qualities    3 Personal Qualities    4 Capabilities    5 Capabilities    6 Achievements    7 Achievements    8 Education    9 Education    10 Covering Letters Midterm Test  11 Interviews ...
51. Learner Resources
Click on your "Learner Resources" topic to access web-based resources to help with your English language education. Don't forget to look at "Teacher Resources" as you may find something you want there. ...
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