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41. Steps Statistics Glossary
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Teacher Resources)
A glossary for teachers who are conducting classes in statistical research.   Click the link to see what they have to offer. http://www.stats.gla.ac.uk/steps/glossary/index.html    ...
42. Preparation for a Research Report
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Learner Resources)
This website helps you find appropriate materials, follow instructions, help with skimming and scanning, as well as evaluating websites.    Click on the link to see how it works. http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~ozesl/LESSON3.html ...
43. Getting the job done
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... not so set in their ways and were open to new ideas. Their age plays an important part, though the difference between the two classes is only two years. Obviously this is an area for future research.   ...
44. An enquiring mind
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... to do something like that with my classes.   I had a pleasant surprise recently when I was accosted by some of my students wanting to interview me for research they were carrying out. From memory, ...
45. Social networking
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... into the process.   This project has given the teachers taking part a new experience as they have been able to experiment with something different and produce data that maybe could be used for research. ...
46. Teacher research
(Archived Material/Archived News)
  Now is the time for teachers to take control of their development and use research as the basis of educational change. One educational establishment in the north east of Thailand has set out a research ...
47. Free education
(Archived Material/Archived News)
  Finally, there seems to be discussion concerning the differences in educational demands between the Bangkok metropolis and outlying areas. Recent newspaper articles reporting the progress (or not ...
48. Harmony at all costs
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... stop being afraid and open our minds to the results of tried and tested new innovations based on sound research, then there is hope for us all yet.   In my opinion, the government and educational ...
49. Monkey see
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... reach a reward of food. By using a video, it was possible to control how much information was given to the chimpanzees.   What was interesting about this research is that different groups were shown ...
50. Learning organisation
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... and stakeholder mechanisms allowing for cross functional team-working, developmental observations and peer observations. Action research is to be encouraged and the use of best practice benchmarking will ...
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