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Prathom One Demonstration School Udon Thani Rajabhat University November 2009.

Prathom one


Last year was the first time that I taught Prathom One and to be truthful, I think everyone should try this at least once. It is very rewarding as the children are so enthusiastic; however, it really takes it out of you physically and mentally. I have a lot of admiration for teachers of young learners as they do this day in and day out. One hour of teaching and I'm ready for twelve hours sleep. How do they do it?


Play the slideshow by clicking on the play button.


The slideshow illustrates a lesson where the pupils were reviewing, "What is this?" and "What is that?" Having role-played in class and watched the video clip from "Smooth Transitions" pupils were let loose on the gap-fill activity.


A classroom video can be viewed here:


This video shows how the pupils started to complete a gap-fill activity. The video they are watching has been shown many times before and everyone has had the opportunity to go out to the front of the class and role-play Bank and Noi in the "Smooth Transitions" activities. Now they are looking at the DVD at a time that it has been paused with the subtitle showing, giving them the opportunity to tick off the missing word from their list and put it into the gap provided. When this activity has been completed, pupils are directed to write the dialogues out in full.



UDRU Demonstration School Prathom One slideshow July 2010 can be viewed here:



UDRU Demonstration School Prathom Two slideshow July 2010 can be viewed here:




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