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Tuesday, 03 March 2015 13:57

English for Communication in Multicultural Societies: An Example


Paper presented at: "Empowering the Regional and International Links through Improving English Language Education"
The 12th Annual LaoTESOL Conference, Vientiane, Lao PDF.
02-03 January 2015.


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This brief paper is for dissemination by LaoTESOL for conference participants attending the 12th Annual LaoTESOL Conference 2nd-3rd February 2015 and contains extracts of an article that is currently being written by Steven Graham, Timothy Swihart, Roderick Lucas and Prudchayaphorn Boontool. The provisional title of this article is “Investigating Learner Preferences and Classroom Anxiety in an EFL Context to Improve Course Delivery” which will be forwarded for publication at a later date.



In order for member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to play an active part in the forthcoming economic union in 2015, the learning of English has become an even more important ingredient to help forge links with other ASEAN countries and at the same time assist in cementing their place in the future prosperity of the region. This paper demonstrates how English can be taught in a learner-centered way with communicative activities that engage the students allowing them to appreciate the need for English when dealing with other countries in the ASEAN organisation. Using presentations and demonstrations to show the similarities and differences with other countries, students can appreciate how culture and language varies throughout the region. This ability to communicate empowers students to take the opportunity to better appreciate and understand their neighbours, whilst improving their English language education at the same time.

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