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Writing, Chemistry and the Four Skills:
Trends and Directions & An Ongoing Process (2)


Paper presented at:

“Trends and Directions”
The 12th English in South-East Asia Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.
12th-14th December 2007.

“Science, Mathematics and Technology Education: Beyond Cultural Boundries”
5th International Conference on Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, Udon Thani, Thailand. 16th-19th January 2008.


Paper published in the Journal of the English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Group (ESPSIG), Summer-Autumn 2008, Issue 32 pages 7-12. International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).



This study recounts the process undertaken to produce English language teaching materials for chemistry majors at Udon Thani Rajabhat University. Initially, a writing course was requested for third year students for one semester and later the Language Center decided to produce an integrated skills course focussing on listening, speaking, reading and writing for possible future use.


Last semester, the third year chemistry students attended a second course; as a consequence, this presented the Language Center with the possibility of trialling various sections of the new integrated skills course.


This semester the new course participants are participating in the final pilot course which has been extended by a further sixteen hours.


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