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Ms. Pranee Boonsaeng – Prathom 1 Teacher


Pranee Boonsaeng



Pranee Boonsaeng explained that normally her students would cover their ABCs and some songs in their first year of primary education. Since taking part in this project, she has really embraced the change and believes that the majority of her pupils have an English vocabulary of about 50 words by the time they have finished Prathom 1. This I believe to be because of her enthusiasm for the project and the active use of flashcards as well as audio-visual equipment.





The video shows Pranee using two students to act out the scene from the DVD. She also manages to have the students replace the characters names for their own names. Later on, once students got used to copying the DVD dialogue, they are then introduced to replacing nouns and phrases with their own. Notice how the other students jump in and correct the two out the front when they have made an error.





Students using flashcards the Kru Pranee way!

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