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41. Knowledge pool
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... and needs to be addressed immediately if we are to produce university graduates of the required standard.   With all the stimulus money available, it would be wise to conduct hands on training, rather ...
42. Networking
(Archived Material/Archived News)
  Getting teachers together and have them share their ideas is a useful way to conduct teacher training and this method of collaboration has worked very well in the past in numerous educational establishments. ...
43. Something to fight for
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... I am of the opinion that these students have been on the bottom rung of the education ladder for so long that they have no belief in themselves and that the stigma of vocational training has led them to ...
44. Support for teachers
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... society after completing five year’s training, there might be the possibility that some would like a little support in the early stages to help them on their way.     I have often wondered how ...
45. Administrative duties
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... on the administrative, management and financial duties that teachers and administrators have to undertake. Training needs to be organised as not all teachers are good administrators, bookkeepers and managers, ...
46. Professional development
(Archived Material/Archived News)
... the training on offer for pre-service teachers and funding additional training for existing teachers.   The Ministry of Education has already introduced the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) module one ...
47. Teacher Training Videos
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Teacher Development Resources)
These videos were created for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching.   Click on the link to take you there. http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/index.htm    ...
48. Integrate Ireland Language and Training
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Teacher Resources)
One of the principal aspects of the work of IILT is the provision of support to primary and post-primary schools where non-English speaking non-national pupils have been enrolled. These materials have ...
49. Developing Teachers.com
(English Learning and Teaching Resources/Teacher Development Resources)
An articles index to a very popular website devoted to the development of English language teachers.   Click on the link to take you there. http://www.developingteachers.com/articles_tchtraining/articles_index.htm ...
50. Reflective Thought
(Papers and Articles/Military Accounting)
Reflective Thought   Article published in the Primrose and Blue, the newsletter of the Royal Army Pay Corps, July 2006, pages 38-39. First published in Triple Crown, the news periodical of the Adjutant ...
  Matters of Curriculum/Programme Design: Business English for German Businessmen Paper published in Business English Special Interest Group (BESIG), Spring 2007, Issue 65 pages 17-19. International ...
52. Writing, Chemistry and the Four Skills: An Ongoing Process
(Papers and Articles/English for Specific Purposes)
  Writing, Chemistry and the Four Skills: An Ongoing Process      Paper presented at: "Science, Technology, Education and Local Wisdom for Sustainable Development."  Udon Thani Rajabhat ...
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