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Mr. Nikom Jaidee – New Prathom 3 Teacher


Nikom Jaidee



Nikom Jaidee has started this semester as the new teacher for Prathom three. He attended the initial training in August 2008 and now after a couple of weeks, he is in the classroom using his new materials as part of the English language lessons for his class. Below is a short video clip showing how he got on.





By his own admission, Nikom was a bit concerned as to how he was going to perform in class using the new materials. As time moved on, he has become more confident in what he is doing, finding that the new coursebook and audio visual materials are a great help in the production of his English lessons. The use of video in the teachers' self-reflection process has allowed individuals to see areas for improvement; whether it is in the area of personal English language skills or teaching methodology., Powered by Joomla! and designed by SiteGround web hosting