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Reducing Political Conflict Through Education


Oral presentation presented at: "Innovations for Harmonious Living in a Borderless Society"
The 1st International Student Conference, Khon Kaen, Thailand.
23-25 January 2012.



Thailand’s Ministry of Education has decided that primary and secondary schools are to prepare an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) curriculum so that students will be ready for the integration of Thailand into the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement in 2015. Students from Prathom 1 (grade 1) are to learn about the other nine countries that form part of this agreement, in addition to the role that Thailand will have to play in order to foster a better understanding of our immediate Asian neighbours’ customs and cultures.

Using concepts developed for a university course delivered by Khon Kaen University International College (KKUIC) as part of their many international programs, this paper describes the process of early curriculum development, with a view to eventually delivering an ASEAN curriculum that will promote well being and understanding between all ASEAN countries in the hope that political conflict may be negated by the next generation of leaders.


Paper to follow.

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