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EIL in the Primary Classroom: Exploration and Innovation using DVDs for Communication


Paper originally presented at: "Pathways in EIL: Explorations and Innovations in Teaching and Research"
Chulalongkorn Language Institute's 7th International Conference, Bangkok.
01-03 December 2010.


Paper presented at: "Advancing Techniques and Skills for the Language Teaching Profession"
The 11th Annual LaoTESOL Conference 2014, Vientiane, Lao PDR.
21-22 January 2014.


Paper published in the Journal of Asia Pacific Studies (2010) Vol. 1, No. 3, pages 506-523.

Access paper at: http://www.japss.org/upload/5.%20graham.pdf




In order for Thailand’s tertiary education establishments to produce top quality graduates to compete in the international workplace, Thailand’s students need to communicate in English in a meaningful way in the classroom. English is taught from the first year of primary school; however, teachers continually complain of a lack of resources and teaching materials in addition to their lack of training.

By following the Thai foreign languages curriculum and making dialogues out of O Net and N Net test books available on the market, it was possible to make a series of six non-commercial DVDs for each year of primary school that can be used communicatively; allowing students to use English as authentically as possible in the classroom whilst still following the national curriculum.

The positive feedback received so far has encouraged participating teachers and administrators to believe that they have found a pathway to EIL (English as an International Language) for Thailand’s young learners.


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