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 SpeaKIT  Voice Recognition Software




SpeaKIT  Voice Recognition Software


Princeton Language School, LLC



An ongoing case study is underway to investigate the benefits of integrating video with speech recognition software to enhance primary school English language learning in Thailand. This longitudinal enquiry will last one year and hopes to provide insight into additional English language requirements of students, teachers, administrators and Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) managers.  



Video dialogues based on the English language curriculum for the first six years of basic education have been used in conjunction with SpeaKIT speech recognition software to provide a platform for pronunciation practice whilst conducting communicative activities. In addition, there is also a focus on reading and the use of IT equipment to complete the activities that comprise the programme. In this context, the language classroom can be transformed to meet the needs of the globalized world and at the same time fulfil the requirements of Thailand’s national curriculum and the individual wants of participating students, teachers and administrators. 



This project is taking place at one of the four ERIC centers that make up Udon Thani Education Service Area Office 4 in the north-east of Thailand. A rural location was chosen as the sample for this research to reflect the learning environment of the vast majority of Thailand’s students. Initial results from the four districts are encouraging indicating that it is possible to integrate the use of multi media and information technology into the Thai foreign language classroom with positive results.



Details in Thai concerning this project can be viewed at:



More details will follow shortly.


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