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Reading and Writing English for Academic Purposes


Group photograph of BEd English 4/2 taken in June 2009.



This semester, BEd English 4/2 have to deal with reading and writing for academic purposes. This will involve the completion of five group assignments and a final individual portfolio. Already, the pressure has started to take it's toll, with copious amounts of homework and deadlines looming; just how will everyone cope? 


Play the slideshow of class members by clicking on the play button.


The slideshow comprises of photographs of individual class members as well as groupwork activities. It is hoped that over the sixteen week semester, students will be able to see themselves as they struggle through the coursework.     


Video of the month can be viewed here:



This month's video shows the students completing a warm up exercise in groups at the start of the course, to prepare them for the forthcoming onslaught.



Language Center
Udon Thani Rajabhat University
Course Syllabus
1554111: Reading and Writing English for Academic Purposes


Course Description

This is the pre-requisite course for Reading and Writing English for Academic Purposes 2. Students will successfully demonstrate the effectiveness of their own reading and writing in relation to English language teaching and learning. This will take the shape of small areas of study being undertaken by groups of students facilitated by the classroom teacher, explaining stage by stage, reasons why specific techniques should be used for different learning and teaching situations. At the end of this course, students will have collated their work, by reading available resources and writing their individual portfolios, successfully demonstrating their sound understanding of current procedures in English language teaching, learning and the relevance this will have for their future careers as teachers of English.



On completion of this course, students will have successfully demonstrated the following:
1. Developed their reading skills and their ability to read academic texts in English.
2. Enhanced their knowledge and skills to enhance the effectiveness of their own teaching.
3. Written articles and essays in their field of study, so as to develop greater confidence and proficiency in presenting their work.


Course Schedule




 1Introductions and Placement Test 
 2Introduction to Research 
 3Review of Research Literature 
 4Review of Research Literature 
 5Reading, Writing and Note-taking 
 6Assignment 1 
 7Review of Assignment 1 
 8Assignment 2 

Review of Assignment 2

 10Reading and Writing Corrections 
 11Assignment 3 
 12Review of Assignment 3 
 13Assignment 4 
 14Review of Assignment 4  
 15Assignment 5 
 16Review of Assignment 5Portfolios to be handed in during examination period. 



Performance Test 1 10% 
Performance Test 210% 
Performance Test 3 10% 
Performance Test 4 10% 
Performance Test 5 10% 
Portfolio 50% 
Total 100%


Grading system

90 100 
B+ 85 89 
80 84 
C+ 75 79 
70 74 
D+ 60 69 
50 59 


Resources & Readings

Ackert, P. and Nebel, A. Concepts and Comments. Harcourt Brace and Company. 1997.

Brown, J.D. Understanding Research in Second Language Learning. Cambridge University Press. 1992.

Graham, S. How Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Perceive Analysis Through Observation. Sheffield Hallam University Paper. 1997.

Nunan, D. Research Methods in Language Learning. Cambridge University Press. 1992.

Porter, D. Check Your Vocabulary for English for Academic Purposes: A Workbook for Users. Peter Collin Publishing. 2001

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