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English for Academic Communication Purposes


Group photograph of BEd English 3/2 taken November 2009.



This is the first time that I have had taught these students, which is unusual as I usually have the BEd English students at least once before their third Year. Once the new curriculum had been adopted a few years ago, the normal cycle of courses changed resulting in this being the first time that we have met. Some students will be in for a shock by the quantity of work and strict deadlines; however, I believe that high expectations are always required to achieve the desired results.     



Play the slideshow of class members by clicking on the play button.



Video of the class can be viewed here:



Our students can be seen frantically searching through my paperwork, looking for evidence that they have handed in their work before the dreaded deadline. This video shows that students can be really motivated when their lives depend on it. There are many different assignments that need to be completed as part of the course requirements, details contained below.  



Language Center
Udon Thani Rajabhat University
Course Syllabus
1553111: English for Academic Communication Purposes


Course Description

This course develops the skills necessary in order for students to prepare and deliver oral presentations. Students will also develop skills needed to identify relevant points and draw conclusions from presentations on topics related to English language teaching and learning. The aim of this course is to equip the students with the relevant skills, so that by the end of the semester, they will effectively give presentations using organisational strategies and techniques; to consider the intended audience and be able to successfully take notes from given presentations.



At the end of the course, students will have effectively demonstrated competence in the following:

  1. Planning of the topic, focus and content of a talk.
  2. Analysis and practice of required language and communication skills.
  3. Choice of visual aids including PowerPoint.
  4. Individual and group presentations.
  5. Note-taking and the understanding of relevant points of presentations.


Secondary Objectives

In addition to the main objectives, students are also required to complete the following:

  1. Successfully prepare cartoon dialogues following the guidelines laid down by the “Smooth Transitions” set of DVDs for Prathoms 1-3 using the online MakeBeliefsComix software. 
  2. Take part in the Flickr networking site activities, communicating with their teacher, classmates and selected outside organizations.
  3. Complete the reading of four graded readers from the Self Access Center and follow this up with conversations with their teacher to demonstrate what they have gained whilst reading.
  4. Attend four of the English language film nights at the Self Access Center during the semester.
  5. Take part in trials of new software available in the Self Access Center. 


Course Schedule




 1Placement Test and AdministrationCourse Outline and Administrative Tasks
 2Unit OneTheory 
 3Unit TwoTheory 
 4Group Presentation One
Unit Three
Theory and Practical 
 5Group Presentation Two
Unit Four
Theory and Practical 
 6Group Presentation Three
Unit Five
Theory and Practical 
 7Review One 
 8Group Presentation Four Assessed Final Group Presentation

Review Two

 10Poster Presentation
Unit Six
Theory and Practical 
 11PowerPoint Presentation OnePractical 
 12Review Three 
 13PowerPoint Presentation TwoPractical 
 14Review Four  
 15Final Test One Individual 
 16Final Test Two IndividualPortfolios to be handed in during examination period. 



Self Access Center Activities 10% 
Materials Development10% 
Flickr Project10% 
Classroom Activities20% 
Final Examination50% 
Total 100%


Grading system

90 100 
B+ 85 89 
80 84 
C+ 75 79 
70 74 
D+ 60 69 
50 59 


Resources & Readings

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