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Advanced English Language Skills for English Teachers (Reading and Writing)

Group photograph of MA TESOL taken December 2009.


Teaching an MA TESOL class is very satisfying as it gives me the opportunity to ask as many questions as I can in this very short eight week period about the problems facing teachers of English in Thailand today. Students find the course quite hard going due to the amount of assignments and the time frame allowed to complete the work. Initial doubts have hopefully been dispelled as everyone becomes more confident in what they are doing. Time will tell whether everyone lasts the distance; however, early indications are that I won't be disappointed.   


Play the slideshow of class members below by clicking on the play button.



The slideshow and the video show how there doesn't need to be much motivational work by the teacher when students on a course know that they are expected to take the initiative, ask questions and complete assignments on time. From the first week it has become evident that everyone on this course is prepared to work and do whatever it takes to complete the tasks at hand. 



The latest classroom video can be viewed here:



Language Center
Udon Thani Rajabhat University
MA TESOL Course Syllabus
1555104: Advanced English Language Skills for English Teachers


Course Description

The aim of the course is to develop fluency and confidence in the use of English through the four language skills. Students will effectively exhibit that they are competent in the speaking, writing, reading and listening of English in a teaching and learning context.


Students will effectively exhibit that they can:

1. Write in language which provides a natural model for learners and which does not cause an audience to question the teacher’s professional language competence.
2. Write with a level of accuracy in spelling and punctuation which reflects the standard required for an English language teacher at this level
3. Comprehend a range of written materials in the teaching and learning of English in context.
4. Utilize online resources in lesson preparation and academic research.


Course Schedule




 1Placement Test / Writing 
 2Skimming and Scanning


 3Summarizing and Vocabulary Knowledge Writing Errors
 4Writing Errors Curriculum
 5Process and Order Courses
 6Comparisons and Contrast Learning Style
 7L1 Inteference / Preparation for Final Test Coursebooks
 8Final Test Assignments



 Activities and Interaction

 Final Examination50%



Grading system

85 100 
B+ 80 84 
70 79 
C+ 65 69 
60 64 
D+ 55 59 
50 54 


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