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English for Academic Purposes 2 (Science Teachers)


Group photograph of Science Teachers 3/9 taken June 2010.


This is an experimental course in order to develop the EAP 2 course programme. It is the second time that I have taught these students and I must say that they are an absolute pleasure to teach. Not only do they attend regularly, but they also ask questions, ......... all the time (in English)! There may well be hope for Thailand's education system once these students eventually become teachers. 


Play the slideshow of class members below by clicking on the play button.



The latest classroom video can be viewed here:


Group B in action during one of the class presentations about very simple experiments. The groups were given experiments to demonstrate in class which is a progression from the previous EAP 1 course they completed last semester. 



Language Center
Udon Thani Rajabhat University
Course Syllabus
1553604: English for Academic Purposes 2


Course Description

This course further develops the writing skills of the students. The aim of this course is to equip the students with the relevant skills, so that by the end of the semester, they will effectively be able to write detailed paragraphs describing their science experiments. In addition, students will trial further new integrated skills materials to convert the existing writing course into an integrated skills course for science students.



At the end of the course, students will have effectively demonstrated the following:

1. To understand and build sentences to paragraph level.
2. To write paragraphs describing process, cause and effect and comparisons.
3. To write about a simple experiment.
4. To comprehend reading texts in English by skimming and scanning.
5. Thinking in English.
6. Listening to English texts for comprehension.
7. Giving a presentation concerning a simple experiment.


Course Schedule




 1Introduction, Placement Test and Presentations 
 2Building Sentences 
 4Writing Instructions 
 7Cause and Effect 
 8Simple Experiment 

Mid Term Test

 10Skimming and Scanning 
 11Thinking in English 



 Classroom Activities20% 
 Midterm Examination30%
 Final Examination50%



Grading system

90 100 
B+ 85 89 
80 84 
C+ 75 79 
70 74 
D+ 60 69 
50 59 


Resources & Readings

Ackert, P. Cause & Effect. Heinle & Heinle. 1999.

Ackert, P. Facts & Figures. Heinle & Heinle. 1999.

Blanchard, K. and Root, C. Ready to Write – A First Composition Text. Longman. 2003.

Brodie, A. Mental Maths Tests. A. & C. Black Publishers. 2006.

Dean, M. Composition 1. Longman. 2000.

Dean, M. Composition 2. Longman. 2000.

Donovan, P. Basic English for Science. Oxford University Press. 2002.

Lee, L. and Bushby, B. Thoughts & Notions. Heinle & Heinle. 2000.

Littlejohn, A. Writing 2. Cambridge Skills for Fluency. Cambridge University Press. 1996.

Mikulecky, B.S. and Jeffries, L. Basic Reading Power. Longman. 2003.

West, C. Recycling Elementary English. Georgian Press. 2002.

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